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Lutzke's Today

Our part of the Lutzke family lives in west central Michigan in a house that has been in my wife's family for over 80 years. See some pictures on the home page of this site.

The Franck family history can be found on another page on this site - click on this link - Gabrial Franck. This house was built partially by Cindy's grandfather Otto (Boney) Franck, who was a U.S. mail carrier here in Big Rapids. His father was the Rev. E.G. Franck, one of the early pastors of St. Peter's Evangelical Lutheran Church.  

The old church was replaced by a new church and school building in the 1950's. The new church was dedicated on my 3rd birthday and we still attend today. Cindy and I, and our two sons attended all 8 grades in this Lutheran day school, and we were married there in 1982.

My father moved to this town in 1954 from Milwaukee, Wisconsin. His household is described on another page. Click on this link - Robert Lutzke - for more information.


Some other Links of interest:

Martin Luther

Luther was the father of the Protestant Reformation, designed this crest to represent his views of the Christian Life. Please visit the link on this graphic to read his words of explanation.

The Lutheran Church Missouri Synod
Many Germans from Pomerania were Lutheran Christians. During the
1800's some of these people left Pomerania and emigrated to the United States, or Australia because of pressure from the King of Prussia to merge with another denomination. Our Lutheran denomination website is linked to this graphic.    

St. Peter's Lutheran Church
Our home congregation's church and day-school also has a website. Clicking on this graphic will take you there.    

Mecosta County, Michigan
Big Rapids (the only one in the world) is located in West-Central Michigan. You can learn more about it's recreational opportunities, commerce and features by clicking on this link.    

Big Rapids, Michigan
The city of Big Rapids also has a website

Ferris State University
This local university is a major part of the city and county. Jim Lutzke, our eldest son is graduating from a 2-year Architectural Technology program this Spring (May 2003). I am also an alumnus of FSU from 1976.

Tubelite Inc.
This company has been my home for 25 years so far. We manufacture extruded aluminum framing for glass used in commercial construction. If you want to know more click on their logo.

Mecosta County Medical Center
My wife Cindy has worked here as an RN in various departments for almost 20 years.

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