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Lutzke Family History

    To the best of my knowledge, and thanks to a lot of research (much of which was done by Sally Lutzke), our branch of the Lutzke family tree comes from a man named Ernst Friedrich Wilhelm Lutzke I.

    His son, Ernst F.W. the 2nd was born in Freienwalde, a small city in the Kreis (or county) of Saatzig, in the country of Pomerania in 1803. Ernst F.W. II's name may have been August, as that is how a marriage certificate for his son Wilhelm lists it. I have yet to confirm this. His father, Ernst F.W is thought to have come from Alsace Lorraine where he joined Napolean's army in the late 1700's. Only seven of the soldiers from that village in Alsace returned there if they survived. Ernst's father didn't stay long, as he moved to Pomerania near the Baltic Sea.

   The descendents of Ernst are found on the link below. 

Ernst Friedrich Wilhelm Lutzke

Here are also some links to other Lutzke's I have found. Some of these also have roots back to the area of Pomerania near Freienwalde, but I have not been able to connect them to Ernst or his father yet.

Johann Lutzke

Michael Lutzke

Other Lutzke's - August, Friedrich, Charles, & Friedrich Christian

    On my mother's side of the family are the Pettit's who came to the United States through Canada from France (possibly Alsace Lorraine also). Click the link below for their genealogy:

Pettit History

    My wife Cindy's family also has similar roots in Germany, Canada and Scotland. Here are some pages for them. The Franck story begins in the 1600's in Pomerania also, but farther east in the city of Danzig, now Gdansk, Poland.

Gibson History

Christop Franck